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Discover the 2023 Setup for your wedding.

France Wedding DJ Setup 2023

4 Moving Heads robotized (nice wall effects and decoration)

2 Beams (bee effect, ray of color lights)

4 LED COB 200W ( High Power light to change color of a room)

Sunlight software to control room light and colors, choose your pattern and colors for your wedding

1 Fog Machine (gives a nice atmosphere for the light system) (can work with heat smoke detectors)

1 Smoke Machine (fast smoke CO2 alike effect)

1 Heavy Smoke Machine (Optional) for the first dance gives a magnificent foggy floor (ice needed)

1 Video Projector + Screen (Optional) / 4K 58″ LED TV + Stand ( Optional) to project your movies and names during the evening

ElectroVoice Speakers x4 (including 2 subs) up to 150 guests with hifi résolution !

1 Wireless Mic Senheiser up to 100m range

1 Pioneer XDJ XZ mix table (DJ leading brand and model in music industry)

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